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Victoria Spade

8 Ratings




Approximate Running Time: 00:47:03
Released: 2014

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We love 22 year-old Ukrainian-origin Victoria Spade!! Victoria is long and lean with light brunette hair checking in at 5' 7" tall, 115 pounds and she has lovely natural 34 B cup breasts! She's very orgasmic and masturbates every single day. For real, she prefers masturbating with her fingers to multiple orgasms when she is all alone - this is one of her first ever adult shoots!

Victoria has long, cascading, dark hair and is dressed in a tight black and cream sleeveless dress for a night out on the town. But, before Victoria can make it out for the evening, she has a personal itch that requires scratching. Victoria takes the dress off to reveal a sexy pair of black lace panties and her nice natural breasts. Victoria performs a sexy strip tease, peeling off those pretty panties. She sits back down in the chair, wearing nothing except black thigh-high stockings. Victoria's pussy is shaved smooth and she fires up a little white vibe pretty quickly. Her legs are up and bent at the knee as she closes her eyes and tosses her head back. She also likes to look intently into the camera as she is toying which is rather erotic and sexy. Victoria likes to masturbate and get herself off, and this toy is working well for her pretty quickly as her pussy starts to get wet. Placing the buzzing toy firmly on her clit and tossing her head back Victoria starts to whimper, saying, "Ah, ah, ah." and just like that she is rocking out a nice orgasm! Tons of contractions and pussy juice. She rides the orgasm all the way with the toy in place so every contraction is perfectly visible. She then pulls her thighs together and turns off the toy for a recovery moment. She places the toy on the table beside her, then turns her bottom to the camera as she touches and strokes herself, licking her fingers.

Victoria walks over to the bed wearing a pair of jean shorts and a red tank top. She sits on the bed, stroking her long legs and rubbing her crotch. She rolls onto all fours so the camera can get a nice view doggy style too. Then Victoria takes off her top, slipping her hands into her jean shorts. Lying back on the bed, she unbuttons her shorts and she is wearing glittery, sequined panties! She licks her fingers and pulls the panties aside to touch her pussy before lifting her legs and stripping out of them completely. Now naked, Victoria leans back against the headboard, rubbing and pressing on her clitoris. It's not long before she fires up her trusty white vibrator. She opens her mouth, very softly moaning because her toy feels that good. Victoria likes to place the vibe on the side of her labia and she softly moans as she masturbates. Within just a few minutes, Victoria is cumming again with pussy popping contractions, and her neck and head arching! There's natural wetness around her slit, too. She quickly turns off the toy and licks it, then touches her glistening wet pussy as she recovers from that nice orgasm. She rolls over for a close-up doggy view of her pink pussy lips.

Victoria is relaxing in her hotel room. She saunters over to the sofa wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a red tank top. She lifts off the tank top showing off her nice silver grey bra. Next she unbuttons her jeans, standing up to peel them down and show off her panty-clad backside to the camera. She sits back on the sofa, gyrating her hips and touching herself. She sits up to unbutton her bra from the front for a quick fondle of her breasts. Then her panties come off. She spreads her legs wide apart across the sofa, keeping one foot on the coffee table. Victoria told us her white vibe is her favorite toy and she reaches for it now on the sofa. She places the white vibrator right where she likes it, gently stroking up and down for a few moments. Instantly, Victoria is responding to the toy and smearing her pussy juices up to her clitoris. But, we know Victoria is finding her sweet spot when she places the toy along the side of her labia and she starts to softly whimper. She lifts her legs high in the air as she strokes the toy up and down on her pussy slit. Her pussy is nice and wet. Then she is back to placing the toy alongside on her labia, and opening her mouth. She licks the toy, continuing to buzz her clitoris. I get the impression she could cum at any second, but she's trying to hold off a little bit. She adjusts her position on the sofa, bent at the knees with one foot dangling. And she is whimpering and moaning softly as she works the toy. It looks like she had a little mini orgasm that she held back. She puts her feet back down on the floor, pressing the toy into her clitoris. The camera moves in for a close-up of her now very wet, pink pussy slit. Her juices are just building. Victoria starts to whimper and moan a little more audibly. She tosses her head back as the camera moves into a full body view. Victoria cums with just the softest of bottom puckering contractions and quickly turns off the toy. She gets up to turn her nice backside to the camera, kneeling on the sofa cushions as she gently fingers her pussy lips.

Victoria is staring out of her hotel window, wearing a brown backless dress. She crawls onto the bed, lifting the skirt to show off her sexy black thong panties. Victoria sits up, lifting the dress off over her head - and she's not wearing a bra! Her natural breasts are on full display before she spins around onto her knees. Victoria rolls onto her back, pulling her g-string between the folds of her slit at first, and then pulling her panties to the side as she finger massages her clitoris and labia. As her horniness builds, she peels off her panties completely, and continues her finger massage. She really enjoys the finger masturbation this time, lifting her hips and opening her mouth as she plays. But, Victoria is ready for the big guns - the magic wand! She turns on the powerful massager, runs it across her breasts and instantly moans. Her nipples respond quite nicely as she moves with the toy. She places the toy on her clitoris and is very soon whimpering, arching her back and moaning. The camera moves in for a close-up of her very pink pussy, which is starting to get quite wet! Victoria slows down the pussy stimulation, working the toy across her chest and breasts some more. She licks her fingers, gently touching her labia before going back at it with the magic wand. She bumps the toy up to high power and within minutes she is whimpering and cumming with a nice set of pussy contractions! She has to take the toy away and her pussy is flushed pink and glistening with juices. She turns off the toy, gently stroking herself all over as she recovers. The cameraman asks her how the magic wand felt and she says it was pretty strong but it felt good. He asks her if she came and with a nice smile on her face, Victoria says she did cum - twice as a matter of fact! (I only caught one!) And he asks her if she can do it again. Victoria is willing to try - so the wand goes back on her pussy and has her whimpering. She turns the toy up to high power, keeping her feet firmly planted on the bed as her knees are bent. Victoria moans and quivers as she cums for a third time! Her contractions are rather faint, but her quivering is nice and her pussy is pink, wet and swollen!! She licks her fingers as she recovers.
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Cast & Stars: Victoria Spade

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