Cleaning & Smoking

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We see Alexa, pigtails swinging, cleaning the floor of the detention room on her hands and knees. But, when Mr. Lewis arrives for inspection, he is dismayed that two hours have passed and the room is still not clean. Then he spies a cigarette end and accuses her of smoking instead of cleaning. She wails that it was only one cigarette but smoking is strictly forbidden at GBS.

Mr. Lewis grabs a paddle and gives Alexa a few whacks on her already red bottom as she attempts to finish cleaning the floor. Again and again he thwacks her already red bottom as she begs him to stop. But he has had it with her and wonders what he has to do to make her learn. Completely frustrated, Mr. Lewis kicks the pail of water and it splashes all over the room. He angrily gives her ten more minutes to clean the room and leaves.
Clip 1 - 7 mins 21 secs

Stars: Alexa | Mr. Lewis

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Cast & Stars: Cleaning & Smoking

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