Sensual Wrestling With Michelle Ivers

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Approximate Running Time: 00:53:02
Released: 2004

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This video shows 5 foot 3 inch Michelle Ivers in great sexy wrestling! Michelle is muscular, hard, busty, and sexy! In this video she goes ballistic on a buffed man and turns it into extreme wrestling.

Michelle is seeking therapy for her obsessive wrestling compulsion, whenever she goes to do sessions she ends up always doing ones she doesn't want to do and is trying to seek help in breaking that cycle. Michelle has fun and gets excited beating a man up.

Michelle is a turn on to watch, her muscles are full, big and just out and out sexy to look at! When she head scissors Charlie her quad muscles explode with quality huge muscle. Those of you that wanted to see Michelle do some fantastic scissoring then this video is more than enough for you.
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Cast & Stars: Sensual Wrestling With Michelle Ivers

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