Anastasia The Mistress





Studio: Joan Wise Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:27:21

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Skye is a wild Russian blonde with a great body. She comes upon Trev napping on the couch and immediately takes him to the floor and smothers him with her delectable cunt and ass. Trev is fully dressed but Skye is not, and she really does a job on his face before commanding him to lick and suck her cunt. Her femininity is too strong for Trev and he does her bidding. His tongue goes everywhere and does everything. While he is doing this, his shirt gets torn open and his belt is loosened and pants partially unzipped. But Skye has him by the cock and balls so completely that he doesn't have time to get at them himself. Skye's body is always in motion and demanding more and more. When she says "eat me," he follows her command!
Clip 1 - 27 mins 20 secs

Anastasia The Mistress Clip 1 00:00:20
Anastasia The Mistress Clip 1 00:03:00
Anastasia The Mistress Clip 1 00:07:20
Anastasia The Mistress Clip 1 00:21:40
Anastasia The Mistress Clip 1 00:26:20

Stars: Skye | Trev
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Cast & Stars: Anastasia The Mistress

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