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Global Warming





Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:58:42
Released: 1999

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Baby Nice and Posh Nice are going far, with high record sales and a sell out tour. But a late night meeting with Faye their strict busty manager stirs up trouble. Faye goes out to dinner with the boss of Global Records to sign a deal, and is horrified to find have been dealing with him behind her back.

The executives are both disgusted by the girls treachery and go to sort them out. The girls are then shocked to learn their fate. A sound beating from both Faye and the record company boss, a series of spankings ensue, followed by fierce strappings and canings, with the girls squealing as only professional singers can. It's not long before both girls are naked with very very red bottoms.

When the boss is finished with Baby Nice, he sends her off to find the manager and tell her that they have learned their lesson well!
Clip 1 - 25 mins 36 secs

Global Warming Clip 1 00:02:40
Global Warming Clip 1 00:16:00
Global Warming Clip 1 00:20:40
Global Warming Clip 1 00:24:00
Global Warming Clip 1 00:25:40

Stars: Faye
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Clip 2 - 20 mins 34 secs

Global Warming Clip 2 00:28:00
Global Warming Clip 2 00:32:00
Global Warming Clip 2 00:36:40
Global Warming Clip 2 00:44:20
Global Warming Clip 2 00:47:00

Stars: Faye
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Clip 3 - 10 mins 23 secs

Global Warming Clip 3 00:50:20
Global Warming Clip 3 00:53:40
Global Warming Clip 3 00:54:00
Global Warming Clip 3 00:56:20
Global Warming Clip 3 00:58:20

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Cast & Stars: Global Warming

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