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Super Challenge - Helen Von Mott Vs. Kenny






Approximate Running Time: 00:32:09

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Helen von Mott of Virago fame is incredibly skilled, powerful, and indeed, all that she is expected to be. Issuing a challenge to the Joan Wise Club to present her with the biggest male opponent we can find, we offer Helen the opportunity to test Kenny, who, at 6'4”, 220 lbs. is certainly big enough to test her. Helen has gained a reputation for being too much for any and all male or female challenger. She earns her reputation here, as her knowledge of martial arts helps to destroy outclassed Kenny, as she gleefully and cruelly goes about the task of breaking down her mammoth victim. Helen's inescapable chokeholds and head scissors devastate Kenny, as submission after submission is registered on his face as Helen shows shy she is as good as anyone on the mat today. A terrific mixed video with an incredibly impressive performance by this world-class female wrestler.
Clip 1 - 32 mins 9 secs

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Cast & Stars: Super Challenge - Helen Von Mott Vs. Kenny

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