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Approximate Running Time: 00:14:08
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    Alyx Fox and Suzie Spindrift are tired of the “MAN” trying to keep them down by taking away their freedom of speech! Instead of a sit-in; these two are demonstrating with a “sit-on”! In December 2014, legislation was passed banning various (and we think some of the best) sex acts from pornography in the UK. Oddly enough, the changes of the law seem to target just the women and their expressions of pleasure in the industry. Sexual acts such as face sitting, squirting, spanking, and many of their other favorite activities are not to be shown. Their response? They decide to do some hot femme on femme face-sitting and squirting in protest, complete with Union Jack (de)facing and plenty of female sexual pleasure. What better way to raise awareness about censorship and free speech than to showcase some wild, messy, intimate lesbian sex?
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    Cast & Stars: God Save Queening

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