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Fake Agent UK Presents - Lola Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:38:07
Released: 2014
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    Dealing with people every day who want to be told what to do, it's always refreshing to meet a bird who's absolutely certain what she wants. Especially when what she wants, is to get into porn. Jackpot. I know from this point on I don't really have to put much hard graft to get into her knickers, as it's pretty much on a platter. Anyway, let's give you an insight into Lola... Well, she's about 5ft 8, with a great set of legs, braided hair, very witty, has an amazing booty and wait for it... An awesome craving for fetish/bdsm gear, including caning, dog leads and my old favourite, spanking. I was definitely taking a shine to this one, a girl after my own heart. After getting her to take most of her kit off, she revealed that she wan't wearing any knickers (dirty lass) and a fantastic pair of stockings, which I got her to keep on. Like I said, this girl has an amazing booty, which I got up close and personal with during a bit of self masturbation, lets just say by now she was definitely relaxed and ready for my cock. I must say, this bird really turned me on, a little bit too much and after fucking her in a couple of my favourite positions the urge to cum just became too great. So I got her to wank me off and blew a tidal wave of spunk all over her glasses and face. Wow, she needed windscreen wipers after that cum load. -- Fake Agent UK
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    Cast & Stars: Fake Agent UK Presents - Lola

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