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Hollywood Xposed





Studio: Jazz Duro/Adoro Productions
Approximate Running Time: 03:20:44
Released: 2015

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Scene 1: Elaborately tattooed superstar Bonnie Rotten joins Jazz Duro for his first U.S. scene in half a decade. The playful, buxom alt-beauty poses and flirts in black lingerie and spikes, calling herself a “dick hog” to his “ass hog.” Lustful, friendly Bonnie kneels to deep-throat, lap balls and tongue butthole ... with spit cascading down her stunning body. He fucks and fingers her to torrential ejaculations that flood the surroundings. Jazz pounds Bonnie's butthole into the hardwood floor and elsewhere, generating more girl squirt — even as her anus prolapses graphically. After more orgasms and cocksucking, Jazz jacks a huge wad all over Bonnie's beauteous face.

Scene 2: Director/stud Jazz Duro meets brunette minx Jynx Maze in the Hollywood Hills; she playfully poses in sunglasses, tiny top, heels and cut-offs that can't contain half of her big ass. Back at her place the tanned, shapely cutie fingers her holes and takes a big, greasy, black dildo up her hot butt. Jynx wetly, enthusiastically blows Jazz, making eye contact with the camera with her dark eyes. He grips her hair for a face fuck, spit flowing. Jazz fucks her pussy and asshole, deeply and with authority she loves. With her legs cranked back to her head, Jynx's packed anus makes lewd fuck noises. Ass and pussy plowing makes her whimper and cum. Jazz sprays Jynx from shaved pussy to tasty tits with thick jism, which she licks from her body.

Scene 3: Blonde beauty Jillian Janson, 19, has a supermodel face with soft sensual lips. She shows off her natural-breasted bod in a tiny top and cut-off shorts, flirting with Jazz Duro and his camera in the back yard. Jillian kneels for a blow job on the patio. Jazz can't resist sticking his prick straight up her bouncing, oiled ass. He grips her hair and drills her butt doggie-style, then cranks her legs back and deeply pounds her rectum. She rides cock, white cheeks slapping tanned loins. Jillian sucks dick and Jazz gives her manhandling sodomy. He pulls his prick from her anal clutch — with no hands he showers her in semen, from her ass up her back. Charming Jillian cleans cock with her mouth and her gaping butthole winks goodbye.

Scene 4: Healthy, curvy and so horny, Phoenix Marie skates along Venice Beach flashing breast and ass cleavage in shades and a USA bikini. The braided, buxom beauty exercises to attract men, and playful Phoenix wants to fuck Jazz Duro right on the beach. At a big house she spreads and he rims her winking asshole. Phoenix kneels for a POV-style, deep-throat BJ; Jazz grips her braid to fuck her face, spit flowing onto her big tits. He pounds her pussy doggie-style and chokes her. Phoenix's butt bounces on his face. Her shapely cheeks tightly clasp cock as she takes an anal ride, and she sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Jazz makes her his anal toy in multiple positions, till her bunghole gapes. With no hands, his prick pumps cum from her pussy to her tits.

SUMMARY: “Hollywood Xposed” presents studly Italian pornographer Jazz Duro having his way with top American beauties in his first U.S. scenes in five years. Tattooed superstar Bonnie Rotten ejaculates multiple sopping wet squirt explosions as Jazz sodomizes her into a hardwood floor. The irrepressible alt-beauty's anus prolapses graphically and he thickly creams her gorgeous face. Jazz meets brunette minx Jynx Maze in the Hollywood Hills; her dark eyes pierce the camera in an enthusiastic blow job, and he fucks her holes with the authority she loves. Jynx's packed asshole makes lewd fuck noises. At 19, Jillian Janson has a supermodel face and tight lithe teen body. Jazz plows straight up her oiled, bouncing ass for a manhandling rectal pounding. Pulling his prick from her anal clutch, he showers her ass and back in semen — with no hands! Charming Jillian's butthole winks goodbye. Curvy, horny Phoenix Marie skates along Venice Beach flashing breast and ass cleavage. Jazz grips her braid for a deep-throat face fuck, and her big butt bounces on his face. He makes Phoenix's gaping bunghole his anal toy.
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