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Dirty Looks - Tami Vs. Alecia






Approximate Running Time: 00:30:47

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Be careful with how you look at someone, because they could be having a bad day, and all it takes is one dirty look to set them off! Take gorgeous Penthouse pet, Tami Parks, and add the torrid Alecia Ames, and what results if fighting fury, and domination to the max. These wildcats dislike each other intensely, and the fight rages with terrific wresting action, tit smothering, tit mauling, breast to breast, and crotch to crotch action in this even battle; sexy outfits, and then down to two of the most awesome naked bodies on earth, and what a turn-on. A body-racking full nelson and body scissor, and then one of those rare and special happenings, a face sitting submission is secured, and then the victor really goes to work. The courageous loser begs and pleads for release, but to no avail, as the furious winner tortures her foe with a head scissor, and inescapable head into crotch head scissors. The loser is totally defeated, and fears for her life, as incredible smother face sitting leaves her on the verge of suffocation.
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Cast & Stars: Dirty Looks - Tami Vs. Alecia

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