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Addie Juniper And Candle Boxxx's Epic Catfight Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 01:01:49
Released: 2015
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    In the beginning of this movie, Candle is still enveloped in Addie's merciless camel clutch! She slams Candle's head down onto the mats and then pulls her up by her hair and puts her in another one! Candle manages to wiggle out and punches Addie in the crotch which causes Addie to drop immediately! This is getting real dirty now! Candle effortlessly straddles Addie and pins her, spreading her legs with her own, their two naked bodies pressed against eachother. They continue yelling and trash talking eachother - Candle yells, "Spread those legs, bitch!" She lifts herself up and slams herself back down ontop of Addie. But after that, Addie reverses things, pinning Candle down and slamming her body down into Candle's body! She takes Candle's neck and twists it back and forth, she jumps down and bites Candle's foot! Ouch! Candle manages to get to her feet when Addie puts her in a tight headlock. Addie is determined to win this match and she'll stop at nothing to make sure this bitch is put in her place! But Candle is definitely a match for her! She gets out of the headlock and manages to stretch Addie into a Boston crab! Addie grits her teeth and bears it but her back is hurting so bad with how hard Candle is stretching her! Candle finally releases her, but then pins Addie's arms and legs behind her and puts all of her body weight right on top of Addie from behind, who is in a pretty vulnerable position! There's nothing Addie can do; she is being completely overpowered and the clip ends with ADDIE in a camel clutch delivered by Candle! What's gonna happen next? Who is going to win this epic match?!
    • Clip 1 - 61 mins 49 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Addie Juniper And Candle Boxxx's Epic Catfight

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