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Little Girls Blue Uncut Volume 1






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2006 AVN Award Nominee for {Best Classic DVD}
XRCO Hall of Fame Movie
It's a fresh take on the boarding school theme. Don't worry, the girls still engage in lots of sexual shenanigans with each other, their college faculty and staff, but this movie has something the others sadly lack: an IQ well above room temperature and a wit sharper than the high heels its stars are constantly slipping out of!

Made in 1977, this title is a true classic and many of its stars will now seem like fresh new faces. This film is fun to watch as a time capsule of sorts containing 70's utterly care-free sex and totally natural bodies!
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Clip 2 - 9 mins 33 secs

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Comments on Little Girls Blue Uncut Volume 1

Editor's Review

It's been a long while since I've dipped into our store of classic awesome and checked out some of the older titles. One look at the description of "Little Girls Blue" and I knew I'd have to check out the film that promised witty banter as well as hardcore sex scenes, even if the title kind of made me want to vomit in my mouth a little.

The whole thing starts out with a close-up on an unnamed cock sprouting like some illicit mushroom randomly moist and dancing. A woman with too much makeup comes on screen and stares at it curiously for several minutes before giving head (imagining she's giving head) with all the awkward movements of a 3D animated model. She wears a little red ribbon and has dark curls and I'm sure that her resemblance to Snow White is intentional; meanwhile mushroom cock is all we ever see of her partner. As I watch I wonder if I'm seeing the first Gonzo scene and liking it about as much as I usually like Gonzo but as the film goes on we get the sense the Snow White aka Misty is a particularly horny girl who fantasizes constantly about sucking cock especially the cock of her teacher in particular.

Misty has a bunch of horny friends one named Cathy and the other and the youngest looking named Buffy. While Misty and Cathy are scheming to get out of school and get laid and Buffy is getting 'private lessons' from Misty's dream teacher. It's an interesting scene, mostly because it's from the time of period belts and Buffy happens to be menstruating, I've never seen a period belt before, of course I still have very little idea of how it works though she keeps it on throughout. It's also a scene that I'm guessing a million porn directors have seen before, as Buffy reclines on the desk promising blow jobs to come and her teacher corrects his previous mistake with her grade, on her chest.

The next scene features a gym coach leering while the young women play with a ball is seriously creepy. As he starts to fantasize about a particular girl who is literally begging to be fucked I'm to wonder where this awesome dialogue is I was promised. I suppose I should have known something was up when I noticed no one was wearing high heels to begin with. Things just get creepier when Misty's friend Cathy goes off with a boy for a 'moonlit walk' and ends up in a barn with a mysterious second man - the premise for this second scene of creepiness? If a girl likes sucking dick - she'd love a surprise opportunity to suck two at once! Uhm, let me think about that as a lover of all things oral, nope, nuh uh, no.

Except with the teachers or in fantasy land, the female performers don't seem to be having a great time. I think I get it, that this film is supposed to be an exploration of young women's sexual awaking and desire (gods know I was a horny little thing and crass as only a little shit talking biotch in training could be) but it still comes across as a male fantasy of a feminine awakening, lust and fantasy. That is also probably what makes it creepy, instead of revolutionary and satisfying, at least for me anyway.

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