Homegrown Swingers #12

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Scene One: HGV favorite couple Brannon and Lizzie are back from their anal attempts, and now they're going to try swinging with Mike and Melanie for the first time. In this documentation of their "sexual vacation," we get a very personal behind-the-scenes look at the whole experience. They discuss in great deal their thoughts about having sex with another couple for the first time; the potential for jealousy, the exhilaration of a new partner, and of course we get to watch the amazing sex that happens between them! These two charming couples don't hold anything back in their interviews, or in the bedroom, and we observe their fascinating journey from humble beginning to cum-covered end. If you are a fan of the swinging lifestyle, you'll love watching Mike and Melanie lose their swing virginity!

Scene Two: This scene features veteran swingers Phoenix and Ty joining up with new partners Lance and Kaylie. This is not your ordinary swingers scene because Kylie is 7 months pregnant! She and her husband Lance want to get in one last crazy sexual adventure before she has her baby. Before they get started, they all discuss what each other is comfortable with, and they lay down some guidelines. Except for kissing (Phoenix says it's too personal) and anal, nothing is off limits! This great scene has it all: girl-on-girl action with a vibrator and dildo, deep-throat blowjobs, partner-swapping, and multiple orgasms! We loved watching these married couples share their partners and discuss all of their intimate thoughts. We think you'll enjoy it too!

Scene Three: Marissa and Jason Lee are a married couple taking part in this horny swingers foursome with new friends Black Sunshine and Dirty Drummer. Both couples discuss how the swinging lifestyle brings them closer together. Dirty Drummer even says the swinging lifestyle has improved communication between him and Black Sunshine, and they like how everything is sexually open now. Most of all, they like tha tthey get to be with new sexual partners! After a very brief discussion, this fun group doesn't waste any time getting down to business. We love watching this group play together as the sexual intensity builds to a great, cum-covered climax that's sure to please even the most discerning fans of swinger sex!

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