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You're Mine, Bitch - Jackie Vs. Casey

5 Ratings




Approximate Running Time: 00:31:02

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Sisters Casey and Jackie are fighting like they always do! Their first encounter was exhausting and grueling, but this may be ever harder! You'll consider this knock-down drag out fight a war as two all-time great faces, bodies and attitudes collide, and mean, aggressive, skillful, and determined are both these super sisters. It's all here in this fight to the finish, intense, competitive wrestling and painful submissions and cat fighting as hair is pulled, slaps are exchanged, boobs are bitten, and the action is mean and rough. A raging battle, with no quarter given, and each fighter giving as good as she takes and finally a victor emerges. A devastating, inescapable finale as surely these two are not finished with each other yet.
Clip 1 - 31 mins 2 secs

Stars: Casey | Jackie (ii)

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Cast & Stars: You're Mine, Bitch - Jackie Vs. Casey

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