Gagged, Bound & Strapped From Spanked Cuties

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Approximate Running Time: 00:20:15
Released: 2010

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Sophie was spending a LOT of money in an online sex shop on the internet. And even worse, she was using the credit card of Mrs. Shanelle for paying for all this smut! Well, who would be surprised that Mrs. Shanelle is in NO WAY amused when she discovers the entire story! But Mrs. Shanelle also is a smart person... Sophie WANTS to try sex toys? Fine, so she CAN try them! Just too bad that part of the order was a strap, a gag and handcuffs! So the worst came to the worst for Sophie: being beaten by a furious Mrs. Shanelle, with a brand new strap, while wearing brand new handcuffs, her mouth stuffed with a brand new gag! Well dear viewer...this very likely was NOT what Sophie had in mind when she wanted to make a 'brand new' experience...but that's how it happened, and that's what will probably make her thinking twice next time!
Clip 1 - 10 mins 15 secs

Stars: Shanelle | Sophie

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Cast & Stars: Gagged, Bound & Strapped From Spanked Cuties

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