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Not In My House Box Cover
Stars: ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:09:19
Released: 2009
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    Alex is relaxing with his book and has settled down for a good read. Maggy enters the room and she has other much more interesting things on her mind. She sits on Alex's lap and he is soon quite happily distracted from his book! However, when he is kissing and touching Maggy, his hand slides under her dress and is is shocked to discover that Maggy is not wearing any underwear at all! Alex is furious by her slutty behaviour and he instantly takes the girl over his knee and gives her already bare bottom a damn good spanking. Maggy's buttocks soon become red from the onslaught of hard spanks from her boyfriend's hand. Alex then reaches down and pulls off a slipper from Maggy's foot and continues to blister her already very sore bottom with the slipper.
    • Scene 1 - 9 mins 19 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Not In My House

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