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The Doctor's Visit





Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Approximate Running Time: 00:49:40

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The Dr. is fed up with her patient's irresponsibility, canceling appointments, not calling and just being rude. Today the Doctor has a surprise for Sarah. Dr. Payne has been patient, but after Sarah answers her rudely, she decides she has had enough. After Sarah strips and puts on the hospital gown, she is turned over the doctor's knee for a good sound bare-bottom spanking. After turning her ass bright red, she proceeds with her regular exam, which leads into a rectal temperature taking, rectal exam and a bulb enema. Then the patient is tied to the exam table and given a harsh long strapping on her bare ass. Still not satisfied that she has learnt her lesson, Dr. Payne administers a 2 quart enema, which she is made to hold in while she is paddled. Then she is allowed to use the ladies room. Upon her return she is asked to get on the table and stick her bottom up high for her deep rectal penetration with a vibrator about 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches long. This is a very hard spanking, strapping, and paddling video. It has anal temperature taking, several enemas, and anal penetration!
Clip 1 - 10 mins 22 secs

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Clip 2 - 11 mins 45 secs

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Clip 3 - 15 mins 50 secs

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Cast & Stars: The Doctor's Visit

Comments on The Doctor's Visit

Editor's Review


A reviewer on www.kellypaynevod.com sums this movie up best: "The actress really let herself commit to a beating! Not a spanking -- a beating!"

Kudos right off the bat for our patient, Sarah. She's a pleasantly full-figured girl with dark hair and blah blah blah... She's basically forgettable, except for her fabulously fleshy ass, which we see under various stages of extreme duress throughout the movie. Man, that girl Sarah takes a whoopin'! Let's hope they had a big tub of ice for her to sit on after filming. (Hmmmm... that might be a neat scene for the closing credits of her next one... hmmmm...)

Kelly Payne, of course, plays the good doctor who is fed up with her patient's shitty excuses for missing appointments. We first see Doctor in her lab coat, wearing a tasteful blouse & skirt, along with the cutest pair of vintage-inspired pumps. Her hair is swept back, admirably displaying her fine cheek bones & jaw line. Immediately, there's an air of authority about her.

Doctor buzzes her nurse to send Sarah back, and then ominously dismisses her office staff for the night. Ooooh... If Sarah knew what the doctor was planning for her, she'd leave the building with them!

But fortunately for us, she breezes into the exam room, already full of apologies about how she's missed appointments and she's just been so busy lately, and so forth. Doctor doesn't wanna hear it, tells her to undress & put the exam robe on. Sarah whips off her wrap skirt to reveal a lovely, squishy body! Full breasts, big thighs all creamy 'n dimpled... beautifully set off by black lingerie, including stockings & garters.

Doctor and Sarah exchange a bit of dialog, now, about how many appointments Sarah's missed, and whether she calls to cancel beforehand, and how she needs to see the Doctor to feel better and it's not about the money blah blah blah... Now, I'm not usually one for role play scripts -- and to be honest, at first the repetition was kinda getting to me -- but then I realized Kelly Payne wasn't nagging, she was narrating the action, building tension between punishments. Like a Greek chorus, Doctor & Sarah give us all the exposition we need to understand what's going on:

"You should've called to cancel!"
"I did call!"
"What did I tell you at your last visit?"
"That I have to keep my appointments or you'll punish me..."

Doctor checks Sarah's breathing & blood pressure, all the while threatening that once these formalities are out of the way, the spanking will commence. She's not kidding! No sooner is Sarah's BP declared "normal" than she's thrown over Doctor's lap for a vigorous bare-bottom/bare-handed spanking.

Kelly Payne frightens me. Really. Her face is so focused on inflicting pain, so sure & unflinching in her mission. She shows no sympathy or restraint, except in one scene where Sarah screams as her ass refuses to accept an 8 inch dildo/enema nozzle (more on this later!). And check out her powerful spanking arm. She's got a killer wind-up, and a neat little flick of the wrist move that I bet makes her hand sting like a whip across Sarah's ass.

Yikes, this is one angry Doctor! She's rough with her patient, positioning her this way & that, with no concern for comfort. I love her tough-girl accent, and how she punctuates her scolding with well-timed whacks: "Time (!) and (!) time (!) a (!) gain (!)" Sarah keeps her composure well as the scene ends, but this was just the warm-up...

Now Sarah lies face down on the exam table, ass up and glowing hot-pink before us. Her ankles are bound, and her hands are roped behind her back. Doctor removes her lab coat to reveal a sexy black bra, and a knee-length red skirt. She produces a belt and proceeds to whip the living daylights outta Sarah's butt.

The resulting marks are astounding, they appear so fast & so deep red. Doctor throws her whole body into many of these blows -- Sarah is thoroughly in pain, and her screams for mercy are heartbreaking. Doctor spreads open her cheeks, taking a good look at each swollen orb, and then straps her ass again & again, right across her exposed crack, ouch! She peels off Sarah's garters, brandishing a three-strap whip... and then...

WHAM! Doctor hauls off and whacks her with everything she's got. Some of the blows fall on the back of Sarah's thighs, which obviously hurts in special ways cause she's crying & begging & repeating "Please please please..." and sounds quite honestly hysterical (16:30). Doctor pauses to wipe blood (?) off Sarah's ass, and then continues with the spanking. Finally, Doctor fishes in a drawer for a bulb enema, then leaves Sarah to await further punishments.

Doctor returns with a basin & water, and proceeds to give Sarah an over-the-knee enema. We see everything: Sarah's battered butt, her cheeks spread, her pucker accepting one, two, three, four, five bulbs full of water. Doctor sends Sarah to the bathroom, while she prepares a 2-quart enema bag of soapy water, complete with a big black dildo for a nozzle!

Sarah lies face-down on the table, again, and Doctor expertly adjusts the enema. As she attempts to push the dildo-nozzle in, Sarah squirms & cries out, says it's too much, but Doctor isn't ready to quit. She coaches Sarah to relax, to be still, to let her just get the head in... We're treated to some wonderful camera shots, as Doctor works that asshole, to no avail. Reluctantly, in the face of Sarah's kicking & screaming, she agrees to switch to a smaller nozzle, but warns her that she's gonna have to endure a paddling after her enema, now.

Sarah takes two quarts like a trooper, and then runs off to the bathroom to eliminate. By the way, I like how this movie doesn't feel obligated to show us footage of poor Sarah farting water out her butt (not really my thing, sorry). I also like how we get a nice scene of Doctor tidying her exam room, preparing for yet another cruel spanking session.

This time, Sarah kneels ass-up on the table while Doctor inserts a dildo almost as big as the one that gave her such trouble previously. Another nice close-up as Doctor eases it in... A sweet shot of Sarah's hairy bush peeking out from under her abused behind... Doctor rolls the dildo around and around, loosening her asshole. WHAM! WHAM! She brings her bare hand down upon Sarah's bottom, again & again, while holding the dildo in as deeply as it can go.

This is neat, spanking & penetration, simultaneously! The camera remains on Sarah's beaten cheeks, so we can drink in the fiery redness, highlighted by purplish bruises and even what appear to be small scrapes where the skin has sloughed off. Doctor changes out the dildo for a stout little butt plug, which winks at us as Sarah endures a very serious paddling, lying flat on her tummy & restrained once more.

Doctor chides her to tighten her bottom for every smack, and Sarah obediently does her best to comply, but obviously a lot of her cries & flinches are reflexive, and out of her control. At one point, she scrunches her cheeks up so much she almost shoots the butt plug across the room! This final scene is harsh, as Sarah's frantic shrieks & choking sobs will attest -- there's even an "Oh dear god..." mumbled under her breath. She is clearly at the end of her rope, here.

Which is good, cause Doctor is wrapping up. She's pacing around Sarah, reiterating the lessons she hopes her patient has learned, and also surveying the damage she's done. In the beginning of the movie, she tells Sarah she's going to redden every inch of her butt; now, she admires the expanse of burning crimson that is Sarah's ass, adding a finishing whack here & there to complete the picture. This is a wonderful scene, where Kelly Payne demonstrates a sinister command of submissive psychology.

Lastly, Doctor removes Sarah's butt plug, and tells her she'll see her in two weeks for her next appointment. I bet she will!

What an effective movie! The medical setting & procedures add a kinky twist to these cruel, relentless spankings. I would've appreciated better sound -- background noise was really a problem sometimes -- but that's pretty much all the fault I can find with this movie. What else can I say? These ladies committed whole-heartedly to this amazing spanking endeavor, and I am humbled, impressed, and really really turned on!

Hope you dig it, too.

spankmaster says:
Kelly is the best
dedelassomure666 says:
un gros cul a corriger,cool
Brush says:
A great movie, with Kelly's movies Sarah is second only to Annie. But Sarah was into spanking just as much. This was a good movie, with an enema. I wasn't into enema movies before I saw some of Kel

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