Three Girls Caned In Malaysia






Approximate Running Time: 00:43:51
Released: 2015

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Adriana, Audrey and Ami had been arrested for smoking marijuana in Malaysia. They were facing long jail sentences, but US Embassy intervened. The Malaysian government agreed to let the girls go home, but they needed to be caned first. Each girl was to receive twenty-five hard stokes with the cane. They had little choice but to agree to this punishment. They were made to remove all of their clothing, sit on the bench, and wait for their name to be called. Adriana was the first one called to face this severe punishment. A loud shriek emanated from Adriana and tears flowed the moment the cane struck her naked bottom. With each stroke on the cane, Adriana cried out and tears and sobs followed. This went on for the full twenty-five strokes to which she was sentenced. Afterwards, her stripped bottom was exhibited to the authorities via internet connection. She was then required to thank Mr. Pierson for her caning and apologize to the people of Malaysia for breaking their laws. She was then sent back to the bench where Audrey and Ami awaited her return. She did her best to regain her composure before returning to the bench so as not to panic the other girls whose ordeal was yet to come and from which there was no escape.

After her caning Adriana returned to the bench and the other girls looked upon her welts in horror knowing that such was their fate. Audrey's name was called and she walked towards the punishment room knowing that there was no other choice. She was positioned over the chair and given her instructions. As the first stroke landed she lets out a scream. Her shouts of anguish reverberated all through the complex. Between her cries there was much anger. The anger faded into sobs as her punishment went on. After she received all 25 strokes Audrey thanked her disciplinarian for her punishment. Then she displayed her well-marked bottom and apologized to the authorities for her misdeed.

Ami could hear Audrey's screams emanating from down the hall as she suffered through her twenty-five stokes. Even so, she was shocked at the state for her tearful friend's bottom upon her return to the bench. When her name was called, the naked girl could barely make her legs move, knowing the torment that awaited. Once she arrived, her disciplinarian provided instruction and bent her over the chair and delivered the first stroke that caused the girl to let out with a loud shriek. This was but the first of twenty-five stokes. Ami could but cry as each hard stoke landed upon her bottom, leaving nasty welts in their wake. Once the twenty-fifth stoke was applied, Ami, naked and with tears in her eyes, was made to apologize to the Malaysian people for violating their law. Then, she was sent back to the bench to join her friends.

Ami returned from her caning, wiping the tears from her eyes as she took her seat on the bench. Now that the sentence had been carried out, all three girls were sent to the hotel to await their flight the following morning. While lying on the bed and sipping wine, the girls could not but help to compare each other's markings. Audrey gradually became angry as it turns out that she smoked no weed and had asked her friends not to. She decided to give her friends a taste of the strap, starting with Adriana. (There is bonus footage after the caning in which the girls display their marked bottoms. It wasn't planned that way, but it is very sexy) Now that Audrey had finished with Adriana it was now Amis turn to feel the strap on her already sore, striped bottom. Afterwards, the girls all commiserated at how much their bottoms still hurt from the canings and that nothing seemed to help. They dreaded the plane ride coming.

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Cast & Stars: Three Girls Caned In Malaysia

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