The Torment Of Lady Bianca






Approximate Running Time: 00:44:35
Released: 2016

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Chapter 1: The Preparation

Lady Bianca was taken to the dreaded 'Hall Of Punishment.' It was deiced by the council and the "Great Leader" that she was to take the blame for the United Northern States' loss to the 'Eastern District' and her punishment would be broadcast to the world. In preparation, Veronica, the chief interrogator and punisher, made the good Lady strip naked, affixed her to a table, roughly shaved her pubic area cleaning off the shaving cream by dumping rubbing alcohol on her freshly shaven nether regions. Veronica then proved you can have too much of a good thing when she used a vibrator to the point of pain. After being shaved and tormented by the vibrator, Lady Bianca was turned over to be prepared to be moved to the Punishment room. Once in position, an anal hook was inserted to the Princess of the Northern States. She screamed as the hook entered her, as Veronica had mixed a menthol solution with the lubricant. Bianca was then bound and taken to the punishment room. Bianca exclaimed "This isn't the punishment!?"

Chapter 2: Ordeal One

Bound by rope and an anal hook that had been lubricated with menthol, Lady Bianca was taken to the punishment room and affixed to the St. Andrews Cross, all the while pleading for the anal hook to be removed. Unfortunately for her, it took time to for Veronica to unbind her. Bianca felt a temporary sense of relief when the hook was removed. Then, with a loud scream, she felt the first lash fall... As the flogger descended time and again upon her back and ass, Lady Bianca pleaded for Veronica to do anything but that. The nation's chief interrogator then placed the flogger over her shoulder and cupped the good Lady's bottom with her hand. Suddenly Veronica struck Bianca's bottom hard, using an unusual upward stoke that sent pain through Bianca's entire body. If anything, this was actually a more intense punishment than the flogger as Veronica knew to strike certain nerve endings that would cause maximum pain. Once done, Veronica noted that she would be back. The now frightened Princess of the Northern District screamed "I thought this was the punishment! How is this to end?!" There was no answer.

Chapter 3: Ordeal Two

After being given a rest, Lady Bianca was taken down from the St. Andrews Cross and dragged into a room and thrust over Veronica's lap. With her nation and the world watching, The Lady Bianca cried out as Veronica spanked her. Bianca was shocked at how much pain the chief integrator could inflict with just her hand on her naked bottom and soon she gave up any hope of maintaining any bit of dignity as she could do nothing but cries and plead for mercy. As her punishment progressed, the naked princess of the United Northern States was reduced to crying and pleading as her humiliation was transmitted to the world. Once this ordeal was over, Lady Bianca was made to kneel with her red, punished bottom on display. No matter how hard she tried, rubbing did not reduce the pain.
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Cast & Stars: The Torment Of Lady Bianca

Comments on The Torment Of Lady Bianca

TommyG says:
Bianca not only takes a good beating but in these way too PC times she cries out "No" over and over. Fantastic!

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