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Just Call Me An Erotic Multitasker Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:13:38
Released: 2010
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    I was finishing up my workout the other day when Jake came into the exercise room to see if I was almost done. He had made dinner reservations at my favorite fondue restaurant and apparently we were cutting it close on time. I usually tan right after working out so I wanted to jump in the tanner quick before getting ready for dinner. Plus I was feeling even hornier than usual that day and since I always masturbate when I tan I definitely needed to take the extra time to get myself off!

    I was right in the middle of finger.....fucking my soaking wet pussy when I looked up and saw Jake standing there. I guess you could say I was busted. Since I was caught in the act I figured I may as well make myself comfortable and really give my kitty the attention it really deserved. It didn’t take me long at all to achieve one hell of an orgasm. Once my workout, tanning, masturbation session was complete I jumped in the shower and we headed out to dinner.

    In case you’re wondering Jake did get that blowjob in the car on our way to dinner and he even got another on the way home. Lucky for him I have an insatiable craving for cum. I honestly think I could suck one cock after another all day long and still have a yearning for more! ~Kisses, Allie

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    Cast & Stars: Just Call Me An Erotic Multitasker

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