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Quinn Adams On Sex Machine Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:43:45
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    Quinn Adams on Sex Machine

    We continue our detailed research on the effects of sex machines on young girls. Quinn, an eighteen year old volunteered to help in our research. She is a student in a local university studying for a degree in engineering. She is pretty naive, young and had never even seen a sex machine.

    We have to give her credit, she was a very good research subject. We started her out slow, with all her clothes on, just using the soft pad on the machine to start. She loved it and soon pulled her panties aside so she could feel the vibrations on her bare pussy. We tried all the different speeds, she loved them all. The expressions on her face tell it all.

    We had shown her the rotating cock and she was anxious to try it out. We let her oil it up to her satisfaction and she eased her young pussy all the down on the cock. Wow! When we turned on the cock and the pad at the same time she was in sexual heaven.

    The research got a little out of hand when the old cameraman could not stand it any longer. He got behind the little, petite girl and started rubbing her tiny tits. This was more than the little gal could handle. She had a number of climaxes, some small, some big but all very loud. We may have to have her back for more research. She thinks she may get extra credit from her professor at the university for her research.

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    Cast & Stars: Quinn Adams On Sex Machine

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