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Peer Pressure Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:22:41
Released: 2016
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    Naughty girl Riley has been telling Jillian all about her dorky brother's THC. "Ohmigosh," she gushes, "I was so blown that I don't even remember what happened last time." Jillian raises her eyebrow at Riley, unsure that it sounds like a good time. Riley has been pushing good girl Jillian to be naughty, to "live a little," and break the rules for months now. Jillian loves her best friend and desperately wants to fit in, even though she's not so convinced by Riley's pressure.

    Robby smiles slyly when he produces the pills to the girls. He's been working on this formula, using his sister as a guinea pig, and his sister has no clue the medicine's intention due to the amnesic side effect. It's supposed to make a man or woman incredibly horny, but this time he has increased the testosterone levels in hopes for the most amazing experience, a threesome! The girls take the medicine, and he lays them down.

    The medicine is working predictably, it's causing the girls to sweat, their pupils to dilate, the girls hold each others' hands as they wait for the climax. Robby leans in close as he inspects their panties, wetness is trickling down causing the cotton to darken, and oh-- Robby recoils as he sees something completely unexpected, Jillian's clit is engorging. Riley's follows, with a larger bulge, she lifts her heavy hand to rub her throbbing clit. The bulge grows and Robby doubts it's a clit at all, it's something exciting, strange, and a little scary. Jillian's eyes open, the distant and blue eyes look over to Riley's mindlessly staring in awe at the ceiling. Jillian whispers something to her as she crawls over to her friend, she starts to paw at Riley's body, her breasts, her face, they kiss. They continue to grow, bursting out of the panties. The girls are ravenous as they moan and paw at each other. Robby uncertain of what to do, wrings his hands in tension, it's sexy, absolutely but-- what will they do next?
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    Cast & Stars: Peer Pressure

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