Janessa Brazil - Brazilian Beach Babe

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Approximate Running Time: 00:22:15
Released: 2016

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Janessa Brazil brings that Latina flavor when she talks to a guy as she sits out on a balcony overlooking the ocean while wearing some very sexy, pink lingerie. As she rubs her tits and pussy through her lingerie, she tells the guy to pull out his dick and stroke it. She bends over in front of him and shows off that sweet, Brazilian ass then she pulls out her nice, big tits and shows off her pierced nipples. She moves the fun inside to the bedroom where she puts her tits in his face then she strips the lingerie off and shows off her fine body, round ass, and shaved, pink pussy. A flew slaps on the ass as she looks over her shoulder and she asks how bad he wants her. She moves around the bed, exposing her nice, curvy body from different angles then she breaks out her dildo and shows how she likes to give it head. As she continues to talk dirty, she sits on the toy and rides it, bouncing on it and making it wet with her pussy juices. She fucks the toy then rolls over onto her back and holds the toy in her hand as she plows her pussy deep and hard. Her entire body shakes as she pulls her legs back and cums all over the toy, making it creamy with her pussy juices. Just as she is ready to cum the hardest she gets out her powerful vibrator and presses it against her clit while she fucks herself with the dildo. She is left exhausted on the bed, out of breath, and talking about how great that was.
Clip 1 - 22 mins 14 secs

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Cast & Stars: Janessa Brazil - Brazilian Beach Babe

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