Sex POV 13

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It’s been a few months since seeing you bro. Do you even know where I’ve been? Your mom shipped me off to the middle of nowhere to a sex rehab clinic. She found out I was fucking a few of my college professors and figured I needed intervention or something. They monitored my every move at that place. I couldn’t even masturbate! So I heard I am getting a welcome home party tonight and our parents are out buying the supplies. I don’t even have time for a booty call so guess what? You look pretty good for a quickie. Oh come on, were close to the same age and not even blood related so be a good brother and don’t be so stingy with your dick. This can be your welcome home gift for me.

You already know I have a boyfriend and he likes me to fuck other guys then tell him about it, but he also likes me to make videos for him. He is my cuckold. His little cock would never satisfy me which is why I need you. I crave your big thick dick stuffing my little hole. I need you to fill my mouth with your manhood. Let's make a video for my boyfriend and show him how a real man fucks. I'll get you nice and hard. I know how much you like my mouth taking in every inch I can of your massive dick. Now come and tease my pussy with your tongue. Lick all around my lace thong. It barely covers my tiny pussy. Climb up here and suck on my nipples. Show my boyfriend how a real man uses his tongue on all the right places of a woman. Oh please slide your dick in me now. I want it to stuff me deep. I'm also going to ride it. I like controlling how deep you are inside me. Of course I'm going to let you fuck me doggystyle because I know that is your favorite position. My boyfriend can see how big your dick is in this position. You have to pull out and shoot your load on me so he can see what a big strong man ejaculates. He can barely ooze anything out of his small weenie. Ahhh, so much cum! You creamed half my back. What do you say if we turn that camera off and do it again?

Can you believe your sister invited me over here to hang and then her boyfriend shows up now I'm kicked out of her room. I totally get it but still. Thanks for letting me come hang in your bedroom. Hey, you know I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and haven't had sex since. I've always thought you were cute. If we're quiet and you don't say anything to your sister, why don't we have some fun in here while she is having sex across the hall? We're both consenting adults, right? Besides, what else is there to do? I'll start cause you seem pretty shy. I'll put my mouth your private parts then you do the same to me. Oh yes, I needed this cock more than I thought! Don't' stop pushing into me until I cum! Ok, not you get to look at my ass while you plunge into me. Give me your load! Nice hot load all over my ass! I wonder how your sister is gonna feel if I make you my new fuck buddy.

It's really nice of you to come over just to teach me how to play pool. My brother has no patience to teach me this game and I really want to learn so I can hang out and play when he has his big parties. So how do I hold this big stick? Is it really possible to knock these balls around with a big stick? I don't think I will ever learn this game but I do know a game I am quite good at. If you close your eyes for just a minute I will show you what game I am thinking of. See! This game will involve your big stick and two balls. I've been horny for you for quite some time. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone you fucked your best friends little sister. I'm in college now so perfectly legal to do what I want. Come over here and let me show you my game.

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Stars: Alix Lynx

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