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Visiting Grandpa In Las Vegas 2 Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:36:22
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    The old man seems to love to play out his family fantasies with the bevy of girls who love to please him. He has an unlimited number of women willing to play the role of daughters/stepdaughters/granddaughters and even step granddaughters. Well this young, chubby little gal has come to visit her grandpa and stay with him for a few days. She is all over him in the kitchen, got him all excited and they soon ended up on the couch. She could not get enough of his soft, tiny cock in her mouth. She loves his cock and he loves her soft mouth and active tongue. However he wants to cum on her chubby ass and has her lie on her tummy, oils up her ass and his cock and stars rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks. It does not take long for him to shoot his load of warm cum on her ass. Not a big load of cum but hey, the guy is 84 year old. He’s lucky to shoot his wad of cum at all.
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