Talk Dirty To Me

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Approximate Running Time: 00:15:35
Released: 2015

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Virtual Reality Tutorial
When you download VR porn, you're looking for an immersive experience; and it rarely gets more riveting than when you can hear a hot girl dirty talk right in your ear. This just happens to be Kittina Ivory's specialty. This petite brunette enters the room with confidence, wearing a skimpy outfit and an attitude that will leave you speechless — which doesn't matter, because she's here to do all the talking. Right off the bat, she tells you she's been very bad. Kittina has another confession to make; she leans over, close to your ear and whispers, “I want to be your nasty bitch.” As she sits back in her stool, she pulls her short skirt up to reveal no underwear, just her lovely wet pussy. This is already getting you hard, so you pull your pants down and get ready. As you do this, Kittina takes her shoes off and begins to jerk you off with her feet. “I want your cock, honey,” she says while turning around, sliding her skirt down and showing you that amazing round ass. Kittina then takes off her top to reveal her tiny yet perky nipples. The only time she really can stop talking dirty to you is when her mouth is full — with your dick, of course. Kittina gives an amazing blowjob, but she wants to do so much more! And she'll tell you all about it in her sexy Hungarian accent, as her other set of lips wraps tightly around your dick while she rides you. Strap on your Oculus and get ready to come all over her filthy mouth!
Clip 1 - 15 mins 34 secs

Stars: Kittina

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Cast & Stars: Talk Dirty To Me

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