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Black Pantyhose Foot Massage Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:07:33
Released: 2015
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    Oh babe, I'm SO happy to be home from work. My poor tired feet are just hurting so bad from my long shift today. These heels were so painful! 'm glad to be home so I can take them off and let my feet recover. You know what would be awesome right now? A foot massage... oh I could totally go for an incredible foot massage right now! Babe, would you? You would? Oh babe, thank you so much! This is exactly what I need today. Mmmm yes babe, that's right... use your thumbs are really dig in to my soles through these black pantyhose. Mmmm... you are making me melt into your hands babe! You are making my feet feel so good I'm putty in your hands! Keep going babe... keep massaging my tired aching feet. This is the best foot massage I've ever had!
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    Cast & Stars: Black Pantyhose Foot Massage

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