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I'm Still Cheating Babe Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:15:23
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    Babe, sit down. We need to talk. I have something very important I need to tell you and it won't be easy for you to hear this... however, it will be far too easy for me to tell you because I just don't get a fuck about you anymore. See babe, I have still been cheating on you every night with multiple men and now I am dumping you. You are pathetic and worthless and I have no place for you in my life. Oh don't be such a pussy... I can't believe you are begging me to keep you! I've been letting all of my boyfriends cum on your side of the bed and you've been sleeping in it! I am such a bitch.... but, if I mean that much to you I suppose we can work something out. The rules will be: I am NEVER having sex with you again. You will be my house bitch from now on. You will clean my floors with your toothbrush. You will pay all of the bills and the mortgage and you will put the house solely in my name. Whatever is left over from your paychecks you will give to me in cash and I may or may not allow you to have a release depending on the cash amount I receive. From now on, my black leather boots will be your only sex life. You will jerk for my boots. You will clean my boots. You will be my house cleaning, bill paying, boot humping bitch. Got it babe? Good. Now jerk your pathetic dick because I am allowing you one final release before the new rules take effect!
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    Cast & Stars: I'm Still Cheating Babe

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