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Mom Visits Your Dorm Room Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:11:28
Released: 2016
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    You finally let your stepmom visit your dorm & like a typical boy, you didn't clean up. Unfortunately that also means she discovers a used condom on your floor. She doesn't get upset that you're having sex, she's just concerned about the lack of cum in the condom. Now she knows that your girlfriend isn't making you cum. Once she confirms that your girlfriend is certainly hot enough, she knows the truth about what's going on here: You can't cum for your girlfriend because you miss your stepmom's pussy. She says, "I told you that no other girl's pussy would ever feel as good as my pussy, but you didn't believe me. You thought I was just messing with your head. But that's okay because I missed your young cock just as much. You've been saving all your cum for me, haven't you?"
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    Cast & Stars: Mom Visits Your Dorm Room

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