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Angelina Torres is a sexy all natural blonde trans woman. She has not opted for the fake tits or other accoutrements that some of these other babes go for, but she is really sexy all the same. At first Angelina poses for the camera but then she starts to think about all of her fans watching her and checking out her photos. She wonders what they are thinking about.

Do they want to see her take off her clothes or get sexy? Hmmm. She starts to think about the things she could do with someone who appreciates her feminine form and her hard cock that is getting harder by the second. There are all sorts of things to do like suck a cock, get her ass pounded and make it known how much she loves it by screaming and moaning. Thinking about all of this is what sets her off and she decides to do what she wants which is take off her clothes and rub her cock. Not only that but she makes a good show of showing off her butthole so you can imagine what it looks like when Angelina gets fucked. Lemme tell ya, the view is a good one especially from inside of your personal virtual reality device.

Angelina is a girl who only thinks about pleasing others so what she is thinking about when you see her rubbing her stiff rod it how much pleasure she can bring to you and what that will mean for you when you are together. She wants to do VR porn videos to get closer to everyone and all of her fans will appreciate this and be able to see it! Find out what this blonde has in store for you and how you will get along in virtual reality.

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Cast & Stars: Thinking Of You

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