Mistress Jezabel Vessir

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Approximate Running Time: 01:18:49
Released: 2017

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Scene 1: Chastity Cage Release Milking

Goddess Jezabel has kept her slave in chastity for two weeks and has decided to allow him to release, but it will not be pleasant. As Jezabel sits on top of her slave, playing with his balls and mocking how full of cum they are, her pathetic slave is ordered to kiss her ass and beg to cum. Jezabel uses her hand, milking whatever cock is sticking out of the cock cage, then switches to a vibrator, getting his cock hard within the cage. After making him suffer for a while, Jezabel mercifully removes the cage and allows him too actually cum. But she quickly ruins any pleasure from the orgasm by first making him eat his own cum, then stroking his sensitive after orgasm cock, laughing at his discomfort. After all, male slaves should never be allowed to actually enjoy an orgasm.

Scene 2: Sacred Pussy Service

A well trained slave knows his place is under a Goddess's sacred pussy and ass. Goddess Jezabel's newly purchased white boy needs a proper lesson in servitude as he still thinks the pleasure is all about him. A year locked in chastity without being allowed to cum while only his mouth is used to lick his Owner to orgasm is just what a bitch-boy needs to behave.

Scene 3: Spiked Chastity Sentence

Mistress Jezabel wants you to jerk that cock limp so she can try out her new spiked chastity cage. It is quite the evil device, you had better not get hard in it or you will be in trouble. The harder your cock grows the more it presses against the sharp metal spikes. She is going to stuff your cock in chastity to have fun games sexually teasing and frustrating your cock. You had better learn to control your arousal or she is going to get the best of you.

Scene 4: Edge your cock for Jezebel

Goddess Jezebel knows exactly how much looking at her hot body makes you want to grab your dick and stroke it, and she plans to take full advantage of your weakness for her. Jezebel plays with her hot body, rubbing her latex clad pussy and breasts, shaking her breasts and ass in your face, showing off her long legs - all the better to keep you stroking your dick. But whenever you get close to cumming, she just laughs and orders you to stop! After she has done this to you enough, are you willing to eat your own cum in return for getting to release? Looking at how hot Jezebel is, and feeling how hard your desperate dick is, you know you are going to degrade yourself and agree to her terms, don't you? Get ready to slurp down you own cum, bitch.

Scene 5: Beta Male Assfucking

Goddess Jezabel loves fucking beta male slaves in the ass and making them take ever bigger cocks as part of their emasculation process. Before she fucks him, Jezabel has fun with her bitch, laughing at his suffering in chastity and making him beg again and again for her Big Bronze Cock. Jezabel enjoys reminding her slaves that they control nothing and should be grateful that she even bothers abusing them. Jezabel fucks her slave long and hard, constantly telling him how truly pathetic his locked up cock is; she even makes him admit that real men don't get fucked up the ass by hot women; only slave losers like him do. As she fucks him she also abuses his locked up balls, smacking and crushing them with her hands. After Jezabel has wrecked his ass with her cock, she allows her slave to beg her to stop, but only if he takes her filthy cock right into his mouth! Jezabel just smiles as her bitch gags on his own ass filth, and she makes sure that he cleans every inch of her cock. She leaves him bound and tasting his own ass as she goes to get an even bigger one to use on him next.

Scene 6: Sock Stench

You know what happens when you wear non breathable vinyl boots all day? Your feet wear and create an unrecognizable stench. It just so happens that I am wearing old, wet, damp, sweaty socks that have been trapped in my boots all day... and I thought make you sniff them like a good boy. These are some nasty disgusting smelly socks, all the better to make you worship! Even I could not stand the stench.

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Cast & Stars: Mistress Jezabel Vessir

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