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Approximate Running Time: 00:57:39
Released: 2018

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The Celebration of agony Day is ordered for Sklave "WeichEi" from his Goddess Lady Cheyenne de Muriel. At the beginning of the Session he must crawl on all 4 in front of her. She shows him his present for this holy day. A leather strap with sharp metal spikes on her leather boots. This nice tool finds over the session a lot of times the target. His cock and his balls! But not enough he get lots of hard faceless as soon he is helpless bound to the trestle and then comes the whip. The only target for the hard strokes are of course his cock and his balls again. Next follows a hard ballbusting lesson for him and at the end the Mistress take his ass again, inside with a real big strapon and outside with the cane. The good news is the slave has no chance to escape so he must enjoy this unbelievable sadistic treatment without any mercy.
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Clip 2 - 14 mins 58 secs

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Cast & Stars: Impact

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