Mistress Rachel Madori

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Scene 1: Chastity Gimp Dick

Mistress Rachael has no use for her slaves cock and has decided to keep it locked away in a tight chastity cage forever. She can't help but get turned on from the fact that he is now a helpless gimp locked in a body bag while she teases and toys with his desperation. He is so horny that he would do anything and everything to cum but unfortunately for him that will never enough.

Scene 2: WET FOOD

An ass plug is shoved deep inside the sluts ass, Mistress Midori turns up the vibrating function of the plug. The vibrator is right on top of his prostate; this will ensure he releases every drop of semen from it. Mistress Midori manually manipulates his cock while tugging on the plug creating an intense suction and pressure on the prostate.

Mistress Midori plans on recycling his cum as self produced "wet food". He will have to swallow his load straight from the source. The harder his cock gets, the closer it becomes to touching his own tongue. The slut slave cannot resist the pleasure of having his cock touched, but he knows he will ultimately pay the price with a hot load of cum drizzling down his throat if he does orgasm.

Mistress Rachael Midori is thoroughly entertained watching him struggle with the anticipation of sperm shooting out of his cock. Mistress Midori jerks him rigorously and laughs as she shoots it straight down the hatch... SWALLOW EVERY LAST DROP! She even makes him lick the tip clean.

Scene 3: Good Boys Eat Their Cum

Mistress Rachael is ready to transform you into her brainless cum craving slave boy. By the end of our session you will be completely re-programmed to crave the taste of your own cum. You will find it extremely rewarding to be given the privilege of swallowing your disgusting man juices that you will soon be thanking me for. Now keep stroking your hard dick while you stare at my mesmerizing ass and perky tits. I hope you are ready to open that mouth wide and let every drop slide deep down your soon to be cum coated throat. - Mistress Rachael Madori

Scene 4: Rachael's Human Ashtray

Mistress Rachael Madori uses males as she wishes, this one will serve as her ashtray today. She fills his mouth with spit and ashes making his tongue filthy black. She orders him to prove his devotion by swallowing this disgusting mixture.

Scene 5: Deep Penetrations

Mistress Rachael is wearing her 11inch cock and she won't stop fucking her slave until she fits the entire length up his ass. She starts with doggy-style; she viciously rides his ass until he is gaping. Next she puts him in pile driver to make sure all 11 inches are penetrating deep inside his slutty anal cavity.

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Cast & Stars: Mistress Rachel Madori

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