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The Bonking Bin Man

6 Ratings




Approximate Running Time: 02:20:15
Released: 2013

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Bazza is taking a well needed tea break. He hears a tapping from the adjacent metal wheelie bin - he has to take a look inside & without fail. He finds horny sort called Amy looking disheveled but relieved to see him. Despite being tired & shagged out he takes one for the team & royally shoots his muck over her after giving her a good seeing to, and then leaves her in the bin! Bazza generally doesn't deal with the grit salt bins but he can't but help taking a look inside one when it appears to show signs of movement. When he looks he finds a girl called Yuffie who's clearly mistaken her home for the salt bin - or has she?! Either way Bazza offers her the only thing he knows, his big fat cock & the Bonking Bin Man smashes her barn doors in good & proper!

It isn't long before Bazza stumbles across a skip - and just as he's about to dump some bags, low & behold there's a female called Jessica asleep in the middle of the surrounding mess! Can Bazza walk away and forget he ever saw her? Hell no - he asks to help her with her nails then on to his hard cock and then once he has unloaded onto her continues with his round! Bazza is out and about on his local round when the sound of a vibrating wheelie bin catches his ears and eyes! On opening the lid, to his surprise, he finds a horny piece of skirt called Tiffany, not your everyday waste disposal. But when you're Bazza that's the perk of the job and he wastes no time emptying her out and relieving his bollocks onto her in a nearby cavern before putting her back in! Another day another dollar, or in Bazza's case, another disposable pussy to fuck. This time on his rounds a rustling bin bag catches his attention and lo and behold another naked lady, this time called Franki appears. Given his charming ways and helpfulness how could this girl turn down the sight of his cock. And sure enough he scores beautifully with load of his sploodge landing on her tits!

Clip 1 - 32 mins 27 secs

Stars: Amy | Peter Oh Tool

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Clip 2 - 28 mins 32 secs

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Clip 3 - 25 mins 17 secs

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Clip 4 - 25 mins 10 secs

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Clip 5 - 28 mins 45 secs

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