Grandma Shoots Her First Video

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Approximate Running Time: 01:12:05
Released: 2018

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The old man usually has a bunch of young girls around to shoot but he got an email from a 58 year old gal that wanted to shoot a video. The picture she sent showed she had red hair and he wondered if she had red pussy hair. (she did). They shot some stills of her first because she was really nervous. The old guy played around with her a little during the photoshoot but was ready to see her in action.

He did a little interview with her and decided to let her masturbate for the first scene. Wow, those old gals really like to rub their pussies. The old man liked watching those fingers play with her pussy and those red pussy hairs. She had a couple of nice quiet climaxes. She seem worn out, they must have felt really good to the old gal.

The old man wanted to cum so he had her get on her knees between his legs and suck on his cock. She did a good job, guess a lot of practice. He then bent her over the arm of the couch and rubbed up her ass and his cock with some baby oil for a little asscheck fucking. Even with his tiny, soft cock it was enjoyable. The old gal seemed to like it too. He finally shot a load of cum on her ass.

The old guy took a rest. He needed it of course. Just before she left he had her bend her head over the end of the couch and fucked her month. She does suck cock pretty well for an old gal. He was able to cum again, right in her mouth. Not much cum but hey he is an old man too.
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Comments on Grandma Shoots Her First Video

Ponchobalboa says:
What a shame she can't be fucked and taken care of the proper way by me!

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