Premature Ejaculation Files Vol. 2

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What's the best Christmas gift? An orgasm, of course! We girls know what to get silly boys for Christmas! In the spirit of the season, Rosie is going door to door sucking-off boys! "I'm here to suck your cock for the holidays," she tells this guy. Rosie pulls his pants off and starts to deepthroat him. He cums fairly quickly so, Rosie decides a second orgasm is in order! Rosie beats a second load out of him with her hand while the cum is still on her lips and chin from the first load! Cum everywhere! Perfect! Merry Christmas!

Kaci & Saylasay get into an argument in the office about who should go for a coffee run. The two girls come up with a unique way to settle things. They challenge each other to a jerk-off! Simple. They will bring in two stupid boys the girls will jerk-off the boy's first girl to make a boy squirt is the winner-loser gets the coffee! The girls shake on it then they say "On your mark Get set jerk!" And they are off. The jerking is fast & furious and a boy squirts a big load very quickly but we won't spoil the end for you! You have to watch the scene to see which girl wins! Who do you think makes a puddle on the floor? Kaci? Sayla? We know the suspense is driving you crazy!

We just love challenging boys! This is a classic setup! Lexy issues an orgasm challenge to this boy. Quite a simple one really. If he can withstand a mere 3 minutes of her hand jerking his cock and not cum he gets to fuck her! Trust us this guy really wants to fuck her! As she sets the timer Lexy, cruel as she is takes her shirt off to "Make it more interesting". The guy struggles and struggles to hold back panting whimpering huffing and puffing desperately wanting to fuck the hot 19 year old girl but no deal! Lexy's hand proves to be too much for him and with 40 seconds left he cries "I can't do it!" and he starts cumming all over the place! Lexy calls him a loser and gloats over her victory calling him pathetic. The girls win again!

Boys meet maddy!! Maddy knows how to make boys squirt!!! Sometimes maddy doesn't know her own strength! As she is casually taking the 20 questions test with our director nancy the boy is so overwhelmed with maddy's jerking skills that he can't even last 19 seconds after maddy shoves her feet in his face!!! That's right 19 seconds!!! Maddy has hardly even started the 20 questions, when she politely asks nancy if it would be ok to take off her shoes and socks and shove her feet in the boy's face. Nancy tells her to go ahead and do it and Maddy does. With her feet in his face, and her hand stroking his cock it takes a mere 19 seconds before there is a geyser!! Or should we say nine geysers! Maddy makes the boy to expel 9 blasts of cum shooting all over the place. Maddy is in the middle of answering a question when the "Fireworks" go off and she simply say "Oh my I was not expecting that.".

When a teacher tries to keep an 18 year old girl after school for detention he finds out the "Hard" way that 18 year old girls know how to get their way! Janira's teacher asks her to remain after class for 40 minutes for misbehaving but she has places to go things to do and she can't waste 40 minutes with some stupid loser teacher so she uses her powers of seduction to convince him to let her go! Janira flashed her pussy to him hent she approaches his desk and whispers in his ear "When was the last time you saw an 18 year old girl's cunt.". The guys is completely overwhelmed by janira's hotness and her aggressiveness and when she pulls down his pants and touches his cock he spurts semen everywhere in 27 seconds! That's right 27 seconds! Janira barely strokes him at all, before he succumbs to her female superiority and starts cumming all over himself. Needless to say Janira is dismissed when will you guys ever learn? The world is controlled by hot girls!!!!

Clip 1 - 7 mins 12 secs

Stars: Rosie

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Clip 2 - 3 mins 38 secs

Stars: Kaci | Sayla
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Clip 3 - 3 mins 55 secs

Stars: Lexy
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Clip 4 - 6 mins 5 secs

Stars: Maddy
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Clip 5 - 13 mins 23 secs

Stars: Faith
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Clip 6 - 3 mins 59 secs

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Clip 7 - 6 mins 11 secs

Stars: Carly
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Clip 8 - 3 mins 46 secs

Stars: Alora
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Cast & Stars: Premature Ejaculation Files Vol. 2

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