In Praise Of Older Women Vol. 6

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Approximate Running Time: 00:55:50
Released: 2018

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Since the beginning of time the female of our species has been putting the penis of the male inside Her mouth to give pleasure. It's been going on since Adam & Eve!! However...There has never been a cock sucking like this! This is the most amazing Cock sucking that has ever happened!!! Goddess Marilyn is the most skilled cock sucker in the history of the world!! Marilyn teases this cock into oblivion! The licking and Sucking are breathtaking to watch. Marilyn finishes off the Milking with a slow two-handed corkscrew!

When this troubled boy needs to get that A-grade, he'll do almost anything. The teacher Jasmine doesn't mind though, not with her sexual appetite and love for young, distracted from her round boobs boys. She strongly believes, that if she makes her students cum, they will pay a lot more attention to the subject.

When Miss Destin notices that the young boy next door, Troy, has been spying on Her outside Her bedroom window and even masturbating to Her while he hides in the bushes out front....She decides She better invite him over for a little "chat". Miss Destin offers little Troy some candy and then She gets right to the point. Troy is embarrassed to find out that Miss Destin was aware of his activities and blushes profusely when the experienced MILF confronts him. Miss Destin senses the youngster is feeling a little ashamed. She offers an unexpected solution to the situation. Miss Destin offers to "relieve" his sexual frustations just this one time in hopes that he will get it out of his system. Miss Destin pulls Troy's pants down and asks if his penis has ever been inside a Woman's mouth. When he answers negatively She decides to be the first...and Miss Destin sucks his cock!! After sucking him to a full erection, Miss Destin asks the young boy if he would like Her to masturbate him. What follows is a sexy, experienced mature Lady Jerking-Off an exited little boy! It doesn't take too long...and the frightened boy cums all over himself!

Teacher Jasmeen LeFleur is at her guilty pleasure again. Pleasing her students in every possible way! . The art of a hand job reaches new heights with this horny, charming lady.

When Mr. Duncan took sick leave, Miss Pasternack was called to fill in. Miss Pasternack is a smart, young,sexy young Woman who is very popular yet very distracting for the young boys in Her class who are almost the same age!! One student in particular young Matthew has been completely distracted by the young substitute Teacher and his grades are suffering so Miss Pasternack decides to keep Matthew after class and masturbate him!! The young boy is so excited to have Miss Pasternack play with his cock he cums twice!! This is a must see double milking by a sexy young substitute Teacher!

When Josh's Mom catches him Jerking-Off in his room...She goes ballistic on him!!! Rosey confronts her hormone crazy Son, and tells him flat out..."Cocks are for Girls!!!". Rosey takes Her Son's cock and promptly puts it in Her mouth and starts sucking. Josh doesn't know what to think as his Mom sucks....but the one thing he does know is....Mom is REALLY good at it!! Rosey sucks Her Son's cock like She could suck a golf ball through a garden hose! What a cock sucker this Mom is! Rosey finishes off Her own Son by making him spray his boy goo all over himself. Mom really Sucks!

Clip 1 - 8 mins 4 secs

Stars: Marilyn

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Clip 2 - 8 mins 48 secs

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Clip 3 - 6 mins 55 secs

Stars: Marilyn
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Clip 4 - 14 mins 51 secs

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Clip 6 - 4 mins 47 secs

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Cast & Stars: In Praise Of Older Women Vol. 6

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