Naughty Housewives

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Jerky Housewife Amelie White has loved moving to Her new neighbourhood! There are so many nice, young boys on Her street and she has been sucking and jerking the young boys constantly!!! Miss White has been telling the boys NOT to tell their Mothers what She has been doing to them and the boys have kept her secret!! Today, young Logan stops by her house in the morning. Miss White is just finishing Her morning coffee and immediately pulls Logan's pants down, and puts his penis inside her mouth and starts sucking it. The young boy ejaculates inside Her mouth at which point Miss White says "you're young you can go again, right?" and starts to jerk him!!! The youthful boy can't resist the skilled jerking of the experienced MILF and cums a second time for the frisky Housewife!!!

This little boy had no idea what he was in for, when he came to apply for a job at the J.E.R.K. Corporation!! Not knowing what the company did or what to expect at the interview the young lad arrived with his resume and ends up seeing the queen bee herself the Legendary Faith!!! Miss Anderson quickly glances at his resume then she orders him to stand up she pulls down his pants and faith tells him that he is going to be masturbated!! The frightened young boy doesn't last very long in Faith's right hand (who does??!!) and he cums very quickly. Miss Anderson tells him "not bad but I have some other boys to interview I'll let you know ".

The neighbourhood just hasn't been the same since Miss Love moved in!!! all the young boys on the block are in love!!! This sexy, divorced Cougar has turned every young boy's world upside down!! Today, young Logan drops by in the afternoon to ask Miss Love if he can mow her lawn. Miss Love reminds Logan that he just mowed it yesterday!! He, obviously just wants to spend time with the beautiful Miss Love. Feeling flattered and sympathetic to his little "crush" Miss Love offers to give Logan an "afternoon special treat" if he promises not to tell his Mom. Logan agrees to keep the secret so Miss Love takes off the youngster's pants and masturbates him to an enormous conclusion!! The smitten young boy ends up covering himself in semen, at the Hand of the Jerky Miss Love!!

Single Mom, Chanel is 5 months Pregnant with her second daughter and she has lost her job!!! The landlord has come to her apartment looking for rent money! Poor Chanel has no money for the rent and doesn't want to be evicted so she has to think fast! Luckily for this single mom she knows that all men are stupid and easily manipulated by pretty Girls. Chanel gently rubs her hand across the landlord's crotch and shows him her big beautiful bouncy boobies and then she makes him an offer he can't refuse!! Chanel offers to give him a hand in exchange for the rent. The landlord is no match for this well endowed pregnant Jerky Girl and Chanel yanks the cum out of him in no time. Rent paid in full!!!

Young Tyler has become a little bit "obsessed" with his new Step-Mom!! But who could blame him??!! His dad married Brittany Love one of the hottest women on Planet Earth!! Brittany has caught Tyler and his brother Jerking-Off to her several times so she decides to confront Tyler and let him know a) She is aware of him masturbating to Her and b) it is "normal" for boys his age to do so. Since dad isn't home Brittany decides to give the hormone crazy youngster a treat!! Brittany offers to Jerk-Off the smitten young boy...and it will remain their little secret. Brittany gets his pants down and notices that Tyler's cock is a lot bigger than his Father's! Brittany whack the youngster Off so well that there is an enormous eruption of boy goo!!!

Bentley Cross is one very naughty housewife!!! She and the other housewives on the block have become quite interested in the young boy who recently moved in. Mrs. Cross has become jealous of the fact that some of the other housewives have sucked-off young Johnny whereas she has only jerked him off so, while her husband is at work the expecting, pregnant housewife sucks off the young boy!!! Mrs. Cross sucks and jerks the boy until he unloads all over Her enormous tits!!!

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