Helpless Teens - Kaylee Banks

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Approximate Running Time: 00:51:11
Released: 2015

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Last night, Kaylee Banks went to a party with a few guys she hardly knows out in the middle of nowhere. They left her there and she has no idea how to get back home. This helpless teen is willing to do anything for a ride but has to walk, ultimately gets lost. After awhile, a guy approaches in a white van approaches and she flags him down and begs for a ride. She'll have to do anything if she wants to get in the van, which she agrees to. She didn't think handcuffs and a deepthroat blowjob would be involved. The scene is brought outdoors in the woods. He shackles her wrists to two trees and has fun with her pussy. If she wants to get home, she will submit to this pervert's love of bondage, domination, BDSM, hard sex, all outside. He even has a dungeon with sex toys for a slave training session.
Clip 1 - 51 mins 11 secs

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Cast & Stars: Helpless Teens - Kaylee Banks

Comments on Helpless Teens - Kaylee Banks

TommyG says:
Meh. It was ok, could have been great. He was too easy on her. You could tell she wanted to be beaten much much harder.

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