Caught Sniffing Heidee's Panties

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Approximate Running Time: 00:23:45
Released: 2013

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Heidee and her husband have been letting their down & out pal stay with them for a few days. But, Heidee catches her husband's pal sniffing her panties like a dirty fucking creep!! Heidee will not stand for that kind of perversion in her house!! She swiftly yanks down this deviant creep's pants, and spanks his ass red! First with a solid hand spanking, followed by a hairbrush spanking and leaves him screaming! Next up is a good ol' fashioned wooden spoon spanking, followed by a painful belt spanking, and finally, a firm wooden paddling!
Clip 1 - 23 mins 45 secs

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Cast & Stars: Caught Sniffing Heidee's Panties

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