Miss Daisy Destin

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It's experiment time again in the Jerky Girls laboratory! Daisy is conducting an interesting experiment on a lab rat. The victim is wrapped to a table completely helpless while daisy measures and documents the effects of cock teasing cock stroking and cock sucking. Daisy notes the increased heart rate and, in particular, the dramatic increase in penis size, as she edges the cock. To make matters even more frantic Daisy removes her lab coat, to reveal black bra panties and garter belt! The site of daisy in this ensemble, makes the victim's heart rate go through the roof!! Boys really are simple creatures!! After some note taking Daisy declares "I'm now going to induce an orgasm". She wasn't fooling!!!! Daisy yanks out an enormous cumshot!!! This is a ball draining you don't want to miss!!!

What happens when two young, jerky girls put on tight yoga pants take their shirts off and go to work on a cock? The answer is the cock explodes with sperm!!! Daisy & Montana do exactly that!! Both blondes, clad in tight black yoga pants go topless and perform a cum extraction! Alternating between jerking and sucking, the girls work the guy into a frenzy. Then the girls oil up their tits and go for the boy goo!! The sperm explosion is spectacular, as the girls empty all of it.

This is the most priceless reaction to a cumshot from a girl that you will ever see! Blonde, blue eyed goddess daisy jerks-off this boy until the boy almost from daisy draining all his bodily fluids out of him! Daisy squeals with laughter and delight and shock and disbelief and awe as the cum explodes out of this excited cock and sprays and sprays and sprays! "It's a boy goo explosion!" daisy proclaims. Warning : this scene contains one of the hottest girls on the planet and a sickening amount of sperm!

We have invented a brand new app for iphones it's called "Jerkchat"! With this cool new app, we can jerk-off boys while we record it and simultaneously show it to our girlfriends! The nice thing about this app too is they can show you their jerking too! Today, after school Daisy is with a boy who wants to study for a history test the next day (boys are stupid) but Daisy shows him the new app on her phone, and tells him to take his pants off, because she is going to whack him off on jerkchat. Daisy jerks him broadcasting the entire episode out on jerkchat while she also watches other girls doing the same! Look at this Stacy has her finger up rick's asshole while she is jerking him!!". Daisy has a great time jerking, and watching other jerks in progress and ultimately daisy makes the boy cum all over the place. "Hey Samantha said "Nice squirt"". Lol jerkchat is the best app ever!

When Miss Destin notices that the young boy next door, Troy, has been spying on her outside her bedroom window and even masturbating to her while he hides in the bushes out front she decides she better invite him over for a little "Chat". Miss Destin offers little Troy some candy and then she gets right to the point. Troy is embarrassed to find out that miss destin was aware of his activities and blushes profusely when the experienced milf confronts him. Miss Destin senses the youngster is feeling a little ashamed she offers an unexpected solution to the situation. Miss Destin offers to "Relieve" his sexual frustations just this one time in hopes that he will get it out of his system. Miss Destin pulls Troy's pants down and asks if his penis has ever been inside a woman's mouth. When he answers negatively she decides to be the first and Miss Destin sucks his cock! After sucking him to a full erection, miss destin asks the young boy if he would like her to masturbate him. What follows is a sexy, experienced mature lady jerking-off an exited little boy! It doesn't take too long and the frightened boy cums all over himself!

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Cast & Stars: Miss Daisy Destin

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