Chloe Jerks

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Approximate Running Time: 00:44:05
Released: 2018

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Chloe just had her tits grow in the last year or so and she is discovering the power that they have. She just finished charging her brother and arm and a leg to look at them and whack off. And while she is counting her money, her dad walks in. Since her shirt is still off, Chloe figures this is a good time to ask dad if she can borrow the car. Dad needs the car to go out to dinner with mom. But Chloe isn't use to taking no for an answer so the topless, young girl pulls dad's pants down and proceeds to give him a cock jerking. The site of big, beautiful breasts bouncing up and down is too much for dad and he shoots a big load for his well endowed daughter.

Hell knows no fury like a schoolgirl scorned. When Chloe gets suspended from class for 3 weeks for pulling the fire alarm, she is furious. She claims she is innocent and she shows up at the home of Principal Moore. She demands that the Principal remove the suspension. Principal Moore refuses saying that there is overwhelming evidence of Chloe's guilt. Never one to back down. Chloe is relentless in her effort to persuade Principal Moore to give in. When it's apparent that he is not going to willingly play along Chloe springs into plan B.

She may only be 18 years but Chloe sure knows how to tease a cock. This is some of the most disturbing and graphic cock teasing footage you will ever see. Chloe makes this boy suffer and suffer and suffe before she finally makes his cock to absolutely explode. Chloe loves to watch his cock twitch back and forth after she stops stroking it. She brushes her hair as she watches the dancing cock.

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Cast & Stars: Chloe Jerks

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