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Sex POV No. 27






Approximate Running Time: 00:42:05
Released: 2018

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Will you take my virginity?

You’re my sister's boyfriend but that isn't going to stop me from what I am going to say to you. I don't find guys my age attractive. Eighteen year old boys are just that, boys. I've had a crush on you ever since you started dating my sister. She isn't here right now but I will keep you company. As a matter of fact, I want you to do something for me, take my virginity. You can be my dirty little secret. Please kiss me. I haven't had a kiss that I like yet. You're a good kisser, I can tell. Let me watch you stroke your cock as I undress. Get it nice and hard, I want to feel how big it is when you stretch out my virgin pussy. Slide your cock in as I lay on my back for you. Oh that feels so good! Can I turn over so you can see my tight ass? I love having sex, especially with you. After you cum pull out so I can taste your fresh cum, I want it. You taste really good. Will you do one more thing for me? When you are done with the date with my sister, call me. I want to do this again with you. I'm so glad you were my first.

Lets not think about him.

It's been so long since we were together. I have to try to not think about the fact I am married. You are the only man I would cheat on my husband with. My panties are already moist at the sight of you. Do you like the lingerie I chose for our afternoon together?

You're older than me, and I like it.

It was a really fun night with your daughter and all of us girls. Sleepovers can be either super fun or super boring. I have to say that after the girls were pretty hammered things got super fun but then they all passed out. They're still passed out which gives me the chance to hang out with you. You're my best friends dad and she told me about you and your wife having problems. This may be inappropriate but I find you incredibly attractive. I haven't been with an older man before and if its cool with you I want to play around with you. I won't tell anyone if you won't. Oh wow, you have a nice dick! Can I suck it? I love sucking cock. You probably haven't been with a girl as young as me have you? I mean, I'm over 18 so its ok if we fool around. You want to see my tight body? Oh yes, please lick my pussy! Let's hurry and fuck before anyone wakes up and finds us. I fucken love sex and need it! Holy shit your cock feels good! Stuff my pussy full with it! Let me sit on it so I can ride it deep inside my tight little twat. You want doggystyle? Will that make you cum? Ok, but don't shoot your jizz inside me, pull out and frost my ass with it. Oh fuck! Yes, that's it! Keep fucking me until you explode! OMG, you frosted my back with your cumshot! Wow, you must have been saving that for a long time. If it's alright with you we can do this again sometime when your daughter isn't home.

It’s ok for just a little bit.

I can hardly believe you don’t have a girlfriend. You have to know how hot you are, right? Awe, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’s just that were the only ones home right now and I’m not into your dad. I’m more into your kind of look right now, even if you are my step-son. It isn’t bad if I tease and please you for a little bit, is it?
Clip 1 - 14 mins 20 secs

Stars: Ashlyn Leigh

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Cast & Stars: Sex POV No. 27

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