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Taboo POV 3






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My stepsister has always been hot. I mean, she isn't my real sister and I've spent years watching her grow up, and grow up she has; seeing her little mounds blossom into titties and her ass getting so full and grown up looking. She's 18 now and just got braces. She’s worried the boys wouldn’t like them. But honestly, it just makes me want to fuck her more. She asked for my opinion on her outfit for a date, then got naked in front of me. I can’t believe my step brother wants me to jerk him off, how gross is that? I tell him that he's a weirdo but I'm going do it because his cock does look pretty hard in his sweatpants. I have him lay down and I make him promise not to tell any of my friends and I slide his pants down and start stroking him. I've been fucking my stepsister this summer all over my parent’s house. She is so sexy and horny. It's been the best summer! It started with her just crawling in my bed one night because she said she had a bad dream. Her hard lean body up against mine, her hair smelled so good. I got hard and then she just pulled down her panties and slid me deep inside her. That’s how it all started. We have fucked in EVERY room in the house but one, my parent’s room. Oops! Your stepdaughter Kasey just caught you rubbing one out. She isn't actually bothered by it. In fact, she thinks it is super hot. Her mom is not home, so she pulls down her jumper top and swallows your cock. You love having that wet, sloppy blowjob from your slutty stepdaughter. "I can't believe I'm sucking my daddy's cock," she says, but she quickly puts it back into her mouth. You briefly wonder where she learned to suck a cock like a whore, but when she takes your entire cock into her mouth, you once again focus on this sexy slut.
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