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Taboo POV 12






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Let Me Do What My Mom Won't: My Step-Daughter is so giving, caring and all grown up. She hears her mother and I fighting and what a bitch her mom can be. My sweet step-daughter knows that I’m good to her and her mom. She knows that I’m not going to stay if my needs aren’t met. And she’s willing and let's be honest, wanting to do what it takes to keep me around.

I’ve watched her grow up into a busty horny young lady. So pretty with her huge full tits in her low cut tops. She offered to take the load that her mom hasn't in way to long. I think this naughty little girl understands exactly what I need. Grabbing her full young titties and tasting how sweet her nipples were in my mouth. Making my cock hard, she asked if she could relieve some of the pressure I’m under. Sliding me into her youthful warm mouth definitely helped. Her big round meaty ass in the air. Then stroking me and saying all the things I wanted to hear. Such a little slut in training. Begging me to come for her, then begging me to stay after cumming on her tits. I guess if she keeps this up I’ll think about it, for a while.

Be a good boy, take care of Mommy: Every time my Dad leaves my stepmom turns into a super slut. Yeah, she is so fucking hot! But man, I love my dad. But... It's impossible not to get hard when she puts her beautiful titties my dad bought her all over me. She walks around in sexy slutty lingerie pretty much as soon as the front door closes. Mommy calls me into her room and tells me to fuck her. Her long red hair and pale skin drive me insane! She is so aggressive and dirty! I love it!

Naughty Mommy pulls my pants off, spits on my cock and strokes me. Shoving my cock all the way down her throat, I love when she takes her bra off and rubs my cock on her hard nipples.

Pulling off her panties and showing me her beautiful Mama cunt. Jerking me off telling me "that's mommy’s dick, are you gonna cum for me?" she knows exactly what I can't resist. Cumming all over her chest and throat feels so wrong, yet so perfect! I’m sorry Dad! Guess we are both lucky guys.

Mom fixes my broken dick: My Step-mom is so dumb but incredibly sexy. The other day I came home and told her I had something embarrassing to say to her, and that she couldn't tell my Dad. I told her that I injured my dick jerking off. I asked her if she would please help me take care of it because my real mom is not around. I had a hunch she wanted to know if I stacked up to the old man. I'm pretty sure she approves.

My caring new Mom came in my room to "change my bandage" again. My favorite part of the day. She unwrapped it and said that she thought it was getting better because it was starting to get hard again. Then she said it would make it better if "mommy kissed it." Moms are always right about that. She slid it deep into her mouth taking my full length. Mommy looks the best with my cock deep in her slutty throat. Stroking it hard and long, rubbing the head on her big full breasts only to take me deep in her mouth again. Gagging, sucking and drooling all over it! Giving me mommy’s special healing sloppy blowjob, I blew my load deep into her throat. I think she knows it wasn't broken.

Mom Helps Me Feel Better: My stepmom is very sweet and sexy woman with amazing tits. My dad would be so pissed if he knew how often I peaked in while she was napping or showering to refill my spank-bank so I could jerk off to her. She found out I broke up with my girlfriend and that I was super bummed. She just wants to help make me feel better. I also kind of think she wants to know how big my cock is. I bet it's bigger than my dads.

She said that when dad is stressed after work that she will give him a handjob and it seems to help relieve his stress. She pulled my cock out and told me I could tell my dad or he would get jealous. She stroked my fat young cock with her mom hands, took off her dress and continued to stroke me, then took off her bra and panties. Touching herself while telling me to rub and yank on my cock. Then she continued to stroke me, then bend over and show me her body, stroke me than play with her tits. Finally, I jerked off and came all over her ass. I have the best stepmom ever.

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Stars: Olive Glass
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