My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 4

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Approximate Running Time: 00:48:32

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Scene 1 “The slave and cuckolds reward” (Nikky Thorne – Vicky)

Nikky is rewarding her slave, and allows him to lick her pussy before bringing him a cock hungry 19 year old. Nikky and Vicky give Nikky's slave a good blowjob. Nikky jerks his dick when he is at the spot, and he cums in Vicky's face. Then it is time for the cuckold's reward. Nikky calls him over, and just says, "you know what to do!" Eagerly he licks the cum from Vicky's face and the two of them start to cum kiss.

Scene 2 “Cum slut secretary” (Nikky Thorne – Vicky)

Nikky is fed up with her husband who never is home. So when she comes into the house and finds him relaxing on the sofa, she instantly starts seducing him. She lets him lick her pussy, and rub his dick along her pussy. But he will not get this pussy! Nikky has already captured his secretary, and leads her into the living room. If they do not do whatever Nikky wants them to, she will post videos of them, and they will loose their job! So her husband is led to lick her pussy, before she is giving him a blowjob. Nikky makes her climb his dick, and start riding it, before he fucks her doggy style. Nikky is enjoying the power over her no good husband, and his slut secretary. Nikky makes them fuck until he comes, and her husband comes over Vicky’s face. Then she looks like the cum slut she really is! Then she tells him that the marriage is over, and Vicky will lose her job!

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Clip 2 - 19 mins 3 secs

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Cast & Stars: My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 4

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