Personal Encounters

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Approximate Running Time: 00:52:57
Released: 1995

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Amanda has just been introduced to a strange new kind of loveplay. Her boyfriend tied her up last night. Today she is sharing this new experience with her closest friends, Eden and Breanna. Always ready to try something new, Breanna is the first to strip down for the erotic embrace of bondage. Eden seems to have a natural talent for tying. Soon she has both girls in tight bondage cleverly designed to produce uncontrollable sensations of sexual arousal. Eden is the sort of female who always has to be in control. But not today. As soon as they are freed, Amanda and Breanna overpower Eden and bind her fast. For these three girls, this day of bondage has been a new erotic experience. One they'll want to share again and again.
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Cast & Stars: Personal Encounters

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