Girl Girl Sex 254

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Approximate Running Time: 01:48:41
Released: 2018

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Mona is busy staring at her phone, while Luciana teases her by slowly pressing her feet against her pert breasts. Taking off her top, Mona passionately kisses Luciana as her hands caresses her pubic region. Turning around, Luciana is on all fours while Mona slides down her panties uncovering her hairy vulva as she begins to finger her from behind. Down on the floor, Mona lays on her back while Luciana places her vulva in front of her, holding her head against it while she moans in pleasure by Mona’s tongue movements against her clitoris.

Hitting each other with pillows, Livia and Madelaine playfully wrestle on the bed, until exhausted. Livia falls on top of Madelaine placing her lips on hers as her hands grab her firm bum. Passionately undressing each other, Madelaine takes off Livia’s top and kisses her nipples gently while moving down her body all the way to in between her legs, pulling aside her panties and licking her vulva softly. Laying on all fours completely naked, Madelaine smiles as she pusher her bum out while Livia uses her hands to spread her bum cheeks apart, exposing her immaculate shaved vulva and meaty lips before diving her tongue into it. Turning around, Livia is eager to sit on top of Madelaine and turn into a hot 69, with both girls doing their best to pleasure each other.

Clip 1 - 51 mins 46 secs

Stars: Luciana | Mona

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Clip 2 - 56 mins 53 secs

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Cast & Stars: Girl Girl Sex 254

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