Fake Agent UK Presents - Victoria

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Approximate Running Time: 00:34:07
Released: 2016

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The moment today's interviewee Victoria Summers strutted in wearing those huge red high heels, I started counting the seconds as I wondered how long I'd have to wait before I could see this thick babe naked. After going through the details of shooting porn, productions in the Tropics, and what she could expect on set, I asked Victoria to take her kit off so I could see her incredible body. Victoria disrobed, letting me see her big, round peach of an arse, and the tan lines on her lovely huge tits. After Victoria moved into the best part of the audition tape masturbating her pussy on the couch, she got on all fours so I could finger her tight cunt. Not many girls can make every inch of my cock disappear like Victoria did, but she deep throated me far enough to leave lipstick on my balls. After that once-in-a-lifetime blowjob and Rimjob, Victoria hopped on top of my dick, riding me to a big, sticky jizz-coated finish!
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Cast & Stars: Fake Agent UK Presents - Victoria

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