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College sophomore Cecilia wants so desperately to move into her sorority house from the dorms. When her stepfather comes to check out her potential new housing he is met with a serious sales pitch. He finds her facts to be quite convincing. Even more so he finds her titties and wet little pussy irresistible. Apparently, this little tryst has been going on for a while behind her mommies back cause new stepdaddy is willing to do anything for his little girl. And she will do anything sexually for him. A perfect relationship.

When Mr. Pistol catches his stepdaughter going out dressed provocatively he has to set the record straight and let the girl know it could endanger her mom's political career. But little Daizy doesn't care about the controlling mother-she just wants to fuck her scholarly stepdaddy. By the tattoos on his back, she knows he must be a wild thing at heart and does her best to bring it back out. And does she ever! as they fuck and suck at lover couch in the living room.

Poor little Emori has had her young heartbroken some dumb boyfriend. First love can be so traumatic. It's a good thing she has an understanding stepdaddy to play white knight and step in and save the day. And boy does he ever! As she fucks the little girl all over the sheets in a variety of positions and even making her squirt. Looks like somebody is not going to be depressed any more today. A face full of cum has remarkable healing powers and provides all the spunk this girl needs to get on her feet again.

Aaliyah's been wanting to bang his her stepdaddy for a long time so when she has an opportunity to be alone with him she seizes the moment-carpe diem! Bringing the phone into the bathroom while he is in the shower seems like the perfect way to get the ball rolling. Nice cock daddy!

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